My husband and I are trying for a baby right now and a friend told me about how Reflexology can help women trying to get pregnant, so when I found Renee from Footopia I just had to try a few sessions.
It’s wonderful! During the sessions I feel totally relaxed and the same night after my 60 minute session, and I am told that a true Reflexology session is minimum 60 minutes, which Renée’s always are … I sleep like a baby – also important for optimum fertility. But on one particular session she was massaging the outside of my right heel, spending a long time in that area so I asked her what she was feeling for. She told me that the spot she was working correlated to my ovaries. I perked up! Well how are my ovaries doing? I curiously asked. They’re in perfect working order she said, and they’re doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. Apparently if they had not been doing what they needed to be doing, the area would have been slightly sunken in, however my area was full and rounded. What a relief, and something I never would have known had I not been going to see a Reflexologist who deals with fertility.

Christine Bohonos
Mississauga, ON.
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