Reflexology & Foot Massage

With more than 8 years experience in Reflexology and Healing practices, I have worked with some amazing practitioners and patients in the Mississauga, Milton, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington and Etobicoke areas of the Toronto GTA

I would love to hear from you to set up an appointment, or to answer any questions you may have about Reflexology and your health.

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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a pressure point based foot massage therapy. Think of it like a foot massge, incorporated with accupressure, instead of accupuncture.. It has been shown to help with balanceing specific or generalized needs of the body & its inner systems.

Many people fall asleep during treatment, and everyone is amazed at how they feel with regular or as needed appointments. I describe it as a “reboot” for your body’s needs, and internal systems.

Common Treatments

Circulation  |    Hormone Balance  |  During Chemotherapy / Cancer Treatment   |   Lymph and Adrenal Imbalances   |   Hot Flashes   |   PMS  |   Migraines and Headaches  |   Fertility  |   Multiple Schlorosis  |   Diabetes  |   Plantar Faciitis  |   Stress  |   Insomnia   |  General Relaxation   |  Regular Foot Massage    |  Foot Pain  | Plantar Fasciitis  |   Pre Natal Massage



Updating my site

Hello everyone!

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As you know, I am an avid researcher, and have been collecting information on new medical findings (and especially, natural therapies), and have decided to keep all of my information in one place.

Since my last page has such a collection of knowledge, and my FaceBook Page has more news added, I thought it was time to join all of the information in one place, using a “Blog” format!

You can still find the information you are looking for (Above), and still see my past collections on my saved Footopia site – and now, you can follow my research findings, newsletters, and “DEAL” dates, all in one spot!

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